the german born artist great has a great eye for colors and detail 
sudied art
assited a lot of phtotgraphers in all fields of photography worl wide


Based in Dubai

CLIENTS (selection)

Bvlgari, Hermes, Dior,  Essence Cosmetics, Huawei, Ounass, L’Azurde, MAC Cosmetics, Mikyaji, Mihyar, Nahmshi, Rami Al Ali, Nayomi, Sennheiser, Vice, Level Shoes, Shoemart, Swarovski

AGENCIES (selection)

East West, FP7, Fina Digital, Schipper Company, Grabatz & Partner, Diwanee, Mehrwert,
M&C Saatchi, Saatchi & Saatchi, Verawom, The Quode

EDITORIAL (selection)

Allure, A&E Magazine, Air Magazine, Barbara Magazine, Elle Middle East, Emirates Women, Zeit Magazine, GQ Portugal, GQ Middle East, Haya Magazine, Hia Magazine, Kids Wear living, Lafer Magazine, Marie Claire, 
New York Times Magazine, Nido, Salon Magazine, The Weekender, World Traveller, Vogue Arabia